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The Metropolitan Police Department’s Learning Management System Presented by Envisage

The Metropolitan Police Department's Learning Management System Functions allow the individual user to:

  • Register for in-person training
  • Participate in on-line learning
  • Review their training records and history

The Metropolitan Police Department’s On-line Integrity Policy

If you login, access, or take a module that consists of or contains a test, completion of that test is to be an individual effort. You are to complete the test yourself and you shall not direct nor allow any other person to take the test on your behalf.

You shall not provide draft or actual test questions or answers to any other person. You shall not take the test on behalf of any other person, nor shall you solicit nor accept draft or actual test questions or answers from any other person.

Any allegation that a testing rule has been violated will be investigated. Persons who violate any testing rule shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. Persons who become aware of an alleged testing rule violation shall follow Departmental procedures for reporting alleged misconduct.

By taking this test you hereby certify and affirm that the completion of this test was an individual effort by you, and that you have followed all applicable testing rules.

By logging into the learning management system, you affirm that you have used your assigned user name and password.

Technical Support

For technical support, questions, or comments on this site, please contact:

Ms. Renee S. Kennedy, MACJ, CPM
Office: (202) 645-6095

Sergeant Teresa Flynn
Office: (202) 645-5539

For support related to online courses, please contact:

Sgt. Teresa Flynn
Office: (202) 645-5539

System Information

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is a comprehensive law enforcement training solution developed by Envisage Technologies. The company provides the Acadis® software and training modernization consulting to premier training organizations throughout the US. To find out more, please visit the Envisage web site at